Hi my name is Kasey, and im that small ginger that loves anything retro, vintage and anything that’s a little bit different.  

I have studied photography since I was fifteen years old from my Gcses, A level, foundation degree and ending up with a degree in photography. However it all started from an early age always taking photographs with a disposable camera or 35mm camera as my mam always managed to cut our heads out of the holiday photographs or any photograph for that matter. So I took the role of chief photographer in the household. That’s where the passion for photography started and is still present today.

 My style of photography is very relaxed and I like to make my couple feel that nothing is forced. I’m that person that if the bride needs help getting into her a dress I will be there to give a helping hand nothing is a bother.  The best part of my job is that feeling of being apart of your family for the day, getting to know your friends and family and seeing all that love they have you is a brilliant moment for me to be in.

I want to bring you beautiful photographs that you can look back to in years, grab a cuppa get the album out, show the family and go back to that day. That’s the best part about photographs. The feelings and memories they bring back when we look at them,  its irreplaceable.

So have a little look round my site and if you like what you see feel free to get in touch and lets get discussing your wedding! 


If you like any of the work shown feel free to send any enquieres to: 

Email: cherrydevinephotography@live.com

Facebook search: Cherrydevinephotography

Instagram: Cherrydevinephotography

Phone: 07486536050





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